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Best Sellers Specialty Coffee Sample Pack

Best Sellers Specialty Coffee Sample Pack

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Our premium range of coffee samples is a tasteful way to explore the diverse tastes of coffee. This innovative take on coffee will surely please your taste buds and make your mornings fresh and energetic. You can taste a cup of the best coffee available in dark and medium roast Arabica beans. Try this sample pack for an amazing experience with different flavors. We are confident that you will enjoy our Coffee Sample Pack.

Sample our best-selling coffees in 2oz packs. Now that's how you do a coffee sampler!

Six Bean Blend

Roast: Dark Roast
House Blend. Great for Espresso meticulous blend of coffee from around the world

Cowboy Blend

Roast: Dark & Medium Blend
With both Dark and Medium roasted coffee. Cocoa, caramel, & vanilla tones

Breakfast Blend

Roast: Medium
House Breakfast Blend. A smooth blend of coffee from South America

Peru Single Origin

Certification/Grading: FT, Organic
Roast: Medium
Tasting Profile: Salted caramel, silky sweet, citrus
Grower: Cooperativa Agricola de Servicisios Norandino
Variety: Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai, Pache, & Catimor
Region: Piura, Amazonas, Peru
Altitude: 1100-1700 M
Soil Type: Clay Minerals
Process: Fully washed and dried in the sun

Mexico Single Origin
Certification/Grading: EP, Organic

Roast: Medium
Tasting Profile: Chocolate, cinnamon, green apple.
Grower: Coffee growers from Chiapas and Oaxaca
Variety: Typica, Criollo, Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Caturra
Region: Chipias and Oaxaca, Mexico
Altitude: 900-1000 M
Soil Type: Clay Minerals
Process: Fully washed and sun-dried

Bali Single Origin

Certification/Grading: Organic
Roast: Medium-dark
Tasting Profile: Dark chocolate, molasses, brown sugar
Grower: Smallholder farmers from Kintamani
Variety: Bourbon, Typica, Catimor
Region: Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia
Altitude: 1200-1600 M
Soil Type: Volcanic Loam
Process: Hand-picked, wet-hulled, and dried on raised beds

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