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African Espresso Specialty Coffee

African Espresso Specialty Coffee

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Enjoy the true taste of African Expresso! The coffee that draws us in with its aroma and taste! Espresso has been in our lives for hundreds of years. The African espresso is the world's best connoisseur espresso due to its origin and taste, our African espressos are overflowing with serious and fragrant flavors. A shot of African espresso gives you a boost before your workout and is a great reviver for when you have actually finished your work.

This espresso is richly flavored and smooth, with the distinct aroma of African coffee.  A blend of Kenyan, Tanzanian and Ethiopian coffees, this pick will enable you to taste the never-forgettable flavor. You can enjoy hot or pour over ice. This coffee is crisp but not overpowering, with low acidity.  

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