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Plastic Coffee Capsule Holder

Plastic Coffee Capsule Holder

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Introducing our Plastic Coffee Capsule Holder – the ultimate solution for organizing your coffee capsules and saving precious countertop space! Whether you're a Nespresso aficionado, a Keurig fan, or enjoy a variety of coffee brands, our versatile pod holder is here to streamline your coffee experience.

Universal Compatibility

Compatible with coffee pods of all shapes and sizes, our holder accommodates various brands, including Keurig, Nespresso, Green Mountain, Silimom, Starbucks, and more. Say goodbye to cluttered countertops and hello to organized bliss!

Space-Saving Design

Designed to maximize your kitchen space, our pod holder allows for easy removal of capsules from both ends, offering lightweight convenience and hassle-free storage. Perfect for small kitchens, it keeps your coffee life organized and your countertops clear.

Easy Installation, No Traces Left Behind

Equipped with strong adhesive strips, our holder is easy to stick to any surface without damaging desktops or products. Plus, it's easy to tear off without leaving any traces behind. (Please Note: Coffee Pods NOT Included)

Multiple Mounting Options

Mount horizontally or vertically on walls, inside cabinets, over or under cabinets, or cut to any size you desire. Our versatile installation options are designed to complement modern kitchens while maximizing space efficiency.

Compact Yet Spacious

Constructed with high-quality durable plastic, our pod holder may be small in size but offers large capacity storage. With enough space for up to 54 'Vertuoline' coffee capsules, 54 'Keurig' Coffee Pods, 72 'Nespresso Original Line' Coffee Pods, or 45 'Dolce Gusto' Coffee Pods, it's the perfect storage solution for coffee lovers.

Say goodbye to countertop clutter and hello to organized coffee bliss with our Plastic Coffee Capsule Holder. Order now and elevate your coffee experience today! (Package includes 10 strips for easy installation)

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