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Flat White vs Latte: Everything You Need To Know


If you're looking forward to switching things up from your regular latte with other espresso-based beverages, the flat white could be the solution. But do you know the distinctions among these two?

The short answer is: only a unique method stands between them.

And if you like the creamy texture of frothed milk but want a stronger aftertaste with more coffee taste than a latte, you'll enjoy the flat white, which is the less familiar, less milky than the latte.

Today, we're going to prove you that one of these drinks is far superior for you to the other. Continue reading to find out which one!


What Is A Latte?

A latte is a traditional espresso with steamed milk added. On top, there is usually a thin layer of foam. This coffee combines espresso, steamed milk, and a layer of froth on top.

A latte is made with 1/3 espresso and 2/3 heated milk, topped with a thin coating of froth.

The froth you want in your latte is an important consideration. You want the milk to have a "wet-paint" quality, which professional baristas call it “microfoam.”

Lattes used to be served in 8-ounce cups with two shots of espresso and a centimeter or so of thick froth.

In the United States, however, people often drink espresso out of ceramic cups that hold 10 to 20 ounces. A latte is great for people who are just getting into coffee since the coffee flavor is hidden by the sweet milk.

The heated milk gives it a caramelized sugar sweetness, and the microfoam on top, which is about 1 centimeter thick, is silky and creamy.

Drinkers can order hot or iced latte, making them suitable for consumption at any time of the day. Another outstanding feature of lattes is their versatility.

There are so many different tastes that can be added to them that it's difficult not to pick one you like. They are also quite simple to make nowadays because of the advanced introduction of latte machines everywhere.

You could use the following espresso grinds: 




Caramel Coffee 


French Vanilla Coffee


How To Make A Latte?


  • 2 oz (2 shots) espresso
  • 4 oz (½ cup) fresh whole milk


  • Prepare the espresso: Make two shots of espresso in a cup using an espresso machine or a manual espresso maker.
  • Steam milk by using an espresso machine: Place the milk in a pitcher and steam it using an espresso machine. Hold the steaming wand just below the milk's surface until it doubles in size. This produces frothy froth.
  • Serve and enjoy: Swirl the milk carton on the counter to break down any huge bubbles. Pour milk into the middle of the espresso, finishing with a thin layer of froth.

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    What Is A Flat White?

    Australia may take credit for creating the original flat white, an espresso drink that has since grown considerably. It contains the same components as a latte, including espresso shots and heated milk.

    Although the flat white contains the same quantity of espresso, they often taste sharper than a regular latte due to the less milk content. Moreover, The process used to make a flat white coffee is unique from that of other coffee types because it produces a microfoam topping.

    Apart from that, a flat white in a conventional process is often prepared with a ratio of 1 espresso and 2 steamed milk parts. At a local shop nearby, if one makes an order of this drink, one will receive a cup of flat white with 1 espresso shot and 2 steamed milk shots. The ratio here is 1:2.

    Furthermore, the use of microfoam is the key to perfecting the flat white process. Microfoam is formed when milk is heated and then aerated to the point where extremely dense and minute bubbles are formed. Then, the barista will gently pour the microfoam over the coffee base until it finishes.


    How To Make A Flat White


    • 16 ml of milk
    • 8 tsp of freshly dark roasted coffee beans


    • Pull a single espresso serving
    • With milk, you can start steaming in the machine. You can also steam it with a saucepan.
    • If you use the machine, it would be great to hold the steam wand on the surface.
    • After that, pour the espresso into a cup as a base.
    • Then, gently pour the milk over the coffee in order to get the milk to stay on top of the coffee.
    • Lastly, while pouring, you can try to make a flower or other latte art with steamed milk.
    • Then, enjoy a beautiful and delicious morning flat white!

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      Different Ways to Prepare Flat White or Latte At Home

      If making your own flat white is something you are interested in doing, we have laid out the steps for you here.

      Homemade lattes are significantly simpler to prepare. Everything you must have is hot milk and an espresso maker, such as a Drip coffee maker, a Siphon, and many more. And then, you are good to go by simply reheating the milk in a saucepan, a microwave, or a stovetop. Finally, it will be ready to drink.


      Variations To Make Homemade Latte And Flat White

      As there are many ways to make these types of drinks at home, we have come up with certain DIYs below.

      Homemade lattes are significantly simpler to prepare. Typically, people like to make espresso with a pour-over coffee maker, espresso maker, Moka pot, French press, and many more.

      Moreover, you can steam the milk with a microwave, milk frother, saucepan, stovetop, and so forth.

      If you need a milk frother, you will not need anything else to make a latte. The frothers often produce large amounts of foam. However, an excessive amount of foam will make a cappuccino. I think you would not mind about the taste if it happens. 

      Although it is easy to produce a homemade, tasty flat white, the process will vary from that of a latte and is sadly not as simple. If you do not have a steam wand, you would have an issue with the microfoam. In order to produce quality microfoam, the steam wand is the best tool because the frothers produce an excessive number of large bubbles.

      In addition, there are a few brands of coffee makers designed specifically for household usage, including milk steam wands. It is highly recommended that you get a quality milk pitcher so that you can perfect your latte art and improve the pouring accuracy.



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