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7 Different Ways To Make Coffee At Home

Many individuals have different convictions on the best methods to prepare coffee, whether devices are required or not, and what precisely defines an excellent cup. The ideal cup of joe is one that you appreciate.

Numerous baristas believe that you can make excellent coffee using any brewing technique and whatever equipment you have at your disposal, regardless of your chosen method.

In this article, you can realize our 7 different ways to make the best cup of coffee at home recommended by coffee experts, no matter what method you use.


1. The Pour-Over

A traditional pour-over is the way to go if you're looking for a flavorful and thinner consistency in your light-bodied coffee that allows you to manage every aspect of the taste.

You can pre-heat and rinse the water filter to get the paper taste out. Then secure it on a carafe or cup. Next, shower your hot water over your ground coffee placed in the filter cone and wait for it to draw down.

When it comes to the pour-over technique, it's even more critical to spot some details such as the proper size of ground coffee, the temperature of the water, and water-to-coffee proportion.

Coffee experts advise baristas to use a burr grinder, either electric or manual, and pour-over kettle to achieve accuracy. Make sure you get the perfect combination of bitterness, acidity, and sweetness.

2. The French Press

If you aim for a full-bodied and rich java profile, the French press could be your vibe. Instead of allowing the water to flow down across the grounds, this brewing technique uses hot water to immerse the ground coffee right in.

Excluding the utilization of a filter, water settling in coffee for longer makes its characteristic a more intense and robust taste, resulting in a more satisfying cup of coffee. Also, it has less watery and creamier texture.

For its application of use, make sure the coffee is well absorbed before adding hot water and stirring it all together in the carafe. Place the lid on the French Press, then let it sit within four minutes. After that, slowly press the plunger just down to the bottom ground coffee part until you cannot push further. This way can also separate the ground from the water. After that, pour your coffee and enjoy the sip of the cup.

3. Drip Coffee Maker

A drip maker is the best option for families that like to drink plenty of coffee and seek a device that is easy to operate.

You can turn your concept into reality by pressing a button on this sturdy batch maker, which produces tasty java that's mildly sweet and so wonderful even though you don't even need sugar or milk. You'll have no trouble accomplishing your goal using your batch coffee machine.

The flavor of every coffee would be determined by the water used, the coffee beans, and its grind quantity. Freshly roasted coffee beans are highly recommended and purified water in a drip method. In addition, the water and coffee scale would be in a standard 1 to 16 ratio.

4. Cold Brew

For those who like their cold coffee without ice, cold brew is a perfect way to meet your satisfaction. The cold brewing method is a way of brewing a great cup of iced coffee using cold temperature.

Initially, the ground coffee is put in a bottle. Then, the coffee is sunk with cold water. After that, the coffee is put in the chilling fridge for up to 24 hours for brewing. Overnight, the coffee will be entirely concentrated, so you can take it out and pour the coffee with a filter into a cup.

With a filter, you will get full-bodied coffee without the coffee grind leftovers. While you sleep at night, the coffee is slowly extracted, resulting in a highly concentrated and robust flavor.

Then after waking up, you can enjoy the most fragrant and full-bodied coffee to brighten your morning without needing to brew coffee at all. Also, you can add some more ice and milk to light up a more delicate taste to your first sip.


5. Espresso Machine

Espresso machine or espresso maker is regarded as one of the most expensive and high-end products for making coffee. Typically, the espresso maker requires available and free space to place it, so you can have it at home if you do not mind about your budget and the kitchen space.

Firstly, hot water is poured through finely-ground coffee beans regarding the espresso brewing method. By doing so, the water can penetrate all the coffee, pressuring and releasing all the coffee attributes. The next step is the extraction, in which coffee is brewed in less than 30 seconds to achieve the sweet spot of flavor extraction.

From there, all the coffee aromas and flavors are well-extracted. Moreover, it is essential to acknowledge that grind size and the amount of coffee beans put in the making can affect the coffee flavor. A bad cup of espresso that lacks flavor or aroma is a result of these two factors.

6. The Moka Pot

The Moka pot is also known as the stovetop percolator. This coffee brewing device is way more affordable than a premium espresso maker; however, this budget coffee maker still produces outstanding and flavorful coffee cups to boost your day.

Moreover, it has a similar brewing process when using the Moka pot. Generally, steam-pressurized boiling water that is used to create espresso passed across coffee grounds to create this rich, delicious, and robust coffee as well.

Even though it requires more care and effort, brewing coffee with the Moka pot or stovetop percolator is a joyful experience.

7. The AeroPress

The AeroPress is usually one of the most popular brewing methods for coffee enthusiasts who love to make their own cup of coffee at home.

When you use this small device to make coffee, the plunger will push the coffee grounds along with hot water breaking through a filter. Then the coffee will drop to your cup below.

Therefore, coffee making with the AeroPress brewing method often takes less time, making it a popular choice for espresso lovers.

Besides, it will produce a mild flavor with low acidity. Moreover, since this coffee maker is small in size and light in weight, it is very portable and convenient to use. Thus, you will be able to take it with you any place you go.


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